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Senate Voices: New Senators Orientation

Senate Historian Richard Baker

Richard A. Baker: Senate Historian

“I realized pretty quickly that this room is a magnificent prop.”

Former Senate Historian Richard Baker discusses the development of the formal orientation program for newly elected senators, which includes the Senate historian giving a talk in the historic Old Senate Chamber.

Photo of Richard Arenberg

Richard A. Arenberg: Staff to Senators Paul Tsongas, George Mitchell and Carl Levin

“I always said the worst of all worlds is to be a newly elected senator with a House office, because everybody knows where to bring the resumes.”

Richard Arenberg describes the differences between setting up a new senator’s office and setting up a new representative’s office.

Floyd M. Riddick

Floyd M. Riddick: Senate Parliamentarian

I think they are planning to put on…what you might call a mini-school for a few days.”

Interviewed in November, 1978, Senate Parliamentarian Floyd Riddick describes the early Senate orientation programs and how new senators can best learn Senate procedure.