U.S. Flag

Photographing the Senate


Photograph of U.S. Capitol Building with low dome.

The earliest known photographic image of the U.S. Capitol, taken in 1846. [Library of Congress; photo by John Plumbe]

The Senate. by Joseph P. Knapp, 1898

The Senate, by Joseph P. Knapp, 1898. An early form of Photoshop, this composite image of the 1898 Senate was created using individual portraits of senators placed over a photograph of the Senate Chamber.  [U.S. Senate Historical Office]

Prayer in the Senate Chamber

Senate Chaplain Zebarney Phillips opens the Senate session with a prayer, February 21, 1939. [Senate Historical Office]

Photograph of three senators playing baseball.

Senators Mike Mansfield (MT, umpire), John F. Kennedy (MA, catcher), and Henry 'Scoop' Jackson (WA, batter) took time away from their senatorial duties for a relaxing game of baseball. [U.S. Senate Historical Office]

Press Photographers

Press photographers swarm Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox during the Senate Watergate hearings in 1973.  [U.S. Senate Historical Office.]

112th Congress Class Photo

U.S. Senate, 112th Congress. [U.S. Senate Photographic Studio]