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National Woman’s Party Deputation with Petition for Senator Andrieus Jones (D-NM), 1918


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credit: Records of the National Woman's Party, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress

Following the Senate’s defeat of the woman suffrage amendment in March 1914, lobbying and petitioning efforts organized by the National Woman’s Party continued with fervency. This photograph of suffragists carrying a large rolled petition for Senator Andrieus Jones, the chairman of the Senate Committee on Woman Suffrage, was published in The Suffragist, the weekly newspaper of the National Woman’s Party, in October 1918. The caption reads, “A Suffrage Petition from all sections carried to the Senate by Mrs. Annie Fraher, of Boston, Mrs. Charles [Bertha] Moller of Minneapolis; Miss Bertha Arnold, of Colorado Springs; Miss Anita Pollitzer, Charleston, South Carolina."