U.S. Flag


by Lee Oscar Lawrie(1877 - 1963) 
Marble, Modeled 1950, Carved 1950
Overall measurement
      Height: 33 inches  (83.8 cm)
      Width:  68.5 inches  (174 cm)
Cat. no. 25.00009.000

The relief of Patriotism was carved on location in the  U.S. Capitol in 1950, during the remodeling of the Senate Chamber. The piece was one of three sculptural panels designed for the Chamber by Maryland artist Lee Lawrie, who supervised their completion based on his models. Patriotism was carved by Louis Milione of Philadelphia.

Lawrie, who was born in Germany but moved to the United States at a young age, executed more than 300 sculptural commissions in his lifetime. Lawrie’s marble reliefs of Courage and Wisdom are also located in the Senate Chamber.

“Patriotism shows a typical citizen leaning on his plow, a symbol of every man's usual work, which he leaves to take up the sword for the defense of his country,” wrote sculptor Lee Lawrie of his carved marble relief over the east entrance in the Senate Chamber. In this 1951 letter to Architect of the Capitol David Lynn, Lawrie added: “The strident eagle symbolizes vigilance and preparedness.”