U.S. Flag

Portraits of United States Senators.

(left to right, top) Butler, Andrew P.

Seward, William H.

Brooke, Walker

(center) Hamlin, Hannibal

Cooper, James

Felch, Alpheus

(bottom) Charlton, Robert M.

Morton, Jackson

Upham, William
by Gulick, Pierson, and Wright
Gleason's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion
Wood engraving, black and white, 1853-02-05
Image measurement
      Height: 13.625 inches  (34.6075 cm)
      Width:  9.625 inches  (24.4475 cm)
Cat. no. 38.00370.001a
Sitters: (left to right, top) Butler, Andrew P.; Seward, William H.; Brooke, Walker
(center) Hamlin, Hannibal; Cooper, James; Felch, Alpheus
(bottom) Charlton, Robert M.; Morton, Jackson; Upham, William