U.S. Flag

Menu, United States Senate Restaurant

by Government Printing Office
Paper, 1958
Overall (laid open) measurement
      Height: 8.5 inches  (21.59 cm)
      Width:  14 inches  (35.56 cm)
Cat. no. 16.00260.000

On July 14, 1958, Senate Chaplain Frederick Brown Harris invited family friend J.W. England and his 14 year-old granddaughter, Courtney Kehoe, to spend the day at the U.S. Capitol. Their activities included a visit to the Senate Chamber Gallery, a Senate subway ride, and lunch at the Senate Restaurant. Wearing a new dress made especially for the occasion, the ambitious schoolgirl carried her menu around to the other tables in the restaurant, collecting signatures from the senators dining there. Among the 20 names she acquired were Barry M. Goldwater, Albert A. Gore, William F. Knowland, and Richard B. Russell, Jr.