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Menu, United States Senate Restaurant

by Government Printing Office
Paper, 1916-1918
Overall (laid open) measurement
      Height: 8.5 inches  (21.59 cm)
      Width:  12 inches  (30.48 cm)
Cat. no. 16.00251.000

During World War I (1914-1918), the United States Food Administration (USFA) urged families to help the war effort by conserving food and other vital materials needed overseas. To encourage the voluntary rationing of wheat, the USFA asked every loyal American to have one wheatless meal each day, and two wheatless days each week. Creative bakers substituted corn, rice, potato, barley, rye, and oat flours for wheat. This menu from the United States Senate Restaurant offers several savory options such as cornbread, oatmeal cereal, buckwheat cakes, and fried cornmeal mush. Although "1925" is handwritten in black ink on the cover, it is believed that the menu dates to 1916-1918, when J.C. (James Cary) Petty was manager of the restaurant.