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Ballot Box, Electoral College

Image: Ballot Box, Electoral (Cat. no. 79.00001)
by Senate Sergeant at Arms Cabinet Shop
Mahogany, 1968
Overall measurement
      Height: 9 inches  (22.9 cm)
      Width:  18 inches  (45.7 cm)
      Depth: 10 inches  (25.4 cm)
Credit Line: U.S. Senate Collection
Cat. no. 79.00001.001

The United States Constitution provides for the election of the president and vice president by an electoral college. Electors cast ballots on the basis of the popular vote in each state. Certificates that attest to each state’s balloting are brought from the Senate to a joint session of Congress in the House Chamber for counting by the vice president. This mahogany box held the certificates for the official tally on January 6, 1969, that confirmed the election of Richard Nixon as president.