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Desk, Cylinder-fall

Desk, Cylinder-fall
by James K. Plant (attributed)
Mahogany, poplar, wool, 1831 ca.
Overall measurement
      Height: 37.75 inches  (95.9 cm)
      Width:  34 inches  (86.4 cm)
      Depth: 22.25 inches  (56.5 cm)
Cat. no. 65.00008.001
This mahogany cylinder-fall desk was likely made by James K. Plant, a cabinetmaker from Washington D.C. In 1831 Plant was paid for supplying the U.S. Supreme Court with, among other items, a total of nine "cylinder fall desks" at $40 each. Manufactured for use by Supreme Court personnel, desk occupants included the attorney general, court marshals, clerks, and court reporters.