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Restaurantware Plate, United States Senate

Image: Restaurantware Baker, United States Senate (Cat. no. 46.00040)
by Scammell China Company
Porcelain, 1924-1954 ca.
Overall measurement
      Diameter: 9 inches  (22.9 cm)
Manufacturer's mark (incised backstamp): SCAMMELL'S / TRENTON CHINA; and (backstamp in green ink) THE / STERN COMPANY
Cat. no. 46.00040.000
This heavy gauge, white, porcelain plate was part of a set of restaurantware used in the Senators' Dining Room in the U.S. Capitol. The plate is decorated with a custom cartouche, and a stock rim and border pattern. The cartouche contains an image of the U.S. Capitol building surrounded by a blue circle with white stars and an eagle with shield.