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Popular Culture: The Press

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A Race for the Wires—Energy of the Reporters.Unidentified Unidentified1868-03-21Wood engraving, black and white
Washington, D.C.—Press Reporters at the Telegraph Office in the House of Representatives Sending Off Dispatches on the Opening Day of the Forty-Fourth Congress.Unknown Unknown1875-12-18Wood engraving, black and white
Gallery Pass, Reserved Gallery, United States Senate Chamber, 74th CongressGovernment Printing Office Government Printing Office1936Paper
Impeachment—Reporters and Citizens in the Senate Lobby Seeking Information during the Secret Session.Unidentified Unidentified1868-05-30Wood engraving, black and white
Scene in the Senate Lobby, during the Impeachment Excitement, May 11th, 1868.—Press Reporters Importuning a Senator for NewsUnidentified Unidentified1868-05-30Woodcut, black and white
[Vice President's dais]WakelyGeorge D. Wakely1861-1870Photograph, black and white
The Senate Press Gallery, CapitolSpandorfLily Spandorf1961pen and ink on paper