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Desk, Senate Chamber

Desk, Senate Chamber
by T. Constantine and Co.
Mahogany, 1819 ca.
Overall measurement
      Height: 35.25 inches  (89.5 cm)
      Width:  28.38 inches  (72.1 cm)
      Depth: 19.69 inches  (50 cm)
Credit Line: U.S. Senate Collection
Cat. no. 66.00066.001
This mahogany desk was made by Thomas Constantine, a cabinetmaker from New York City. With only six weeks remaining before the December 1819 convening of the 16th Congress, Constantine was contracted to supply the Senate with, among other items, 48 mahogany desks for $34 each. Today all of Constantine's desks remain in use in the current Senate Chamber. As new states entered the Union, desks of similar design were ordered from other cabinetmakers; although, the four newest desks—those constructed for Alaska (1959) and Hawaii (1959)—were built in the Senate Cabinet Shop.