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About the Party Secretaries

Both major political parties in the Senate—Democratic and Republican—elect a party secretary. The Senate established the position of party secretary in 1929. Party secretaries aid senators in many ways, including serving as principal staff members at party conferences. Spending most of their time in the Senate Chamber, party secretaries assist leadership in scheduling floor activities, advise senators on the progress of a bill, and oversee staff in the cloakrooms, which are spaces adjacent to the Senate Chamber where members gather to discuss Chamber business in private.

  • Democratic Party Secretaries
  • NameYears of Service
    Edwin A. Halsey 1929–1933
    Leslie L. Biffle 1933–1945
    Felton M. Johnston 1945–1955
    Robert G. Baker 1955–1963
    Francis R. Valeo 1963–1966
    J. Stanley Kimmitt 1966–1977
    James H. Duffy 1977–1979
    Walter J. Stewart 1979–1981
    Terence E. Sauvain 1981–1983
    Patrick J. Griffin 1983–1985
    David Pratt 1985–1987
    C. Abbott Saffold 1987–1995
    Martin P. Paone 1995–2008
    Lula Johnson Davis 2008–2010
    Gary Myrick 2011–present
  • Republican Party Secretaries
  • NameYears of Service
    Carl A. Loeffler 1929–1947
    J. Mark Trice 1947–1953
    William T. Reed 1953–1955
    J. Mark Trice 1955–1973
    William Hildenbrand 1974–1981
    Howard O. Greene 1981–1995
    Elizabeth Letchworth 1995–2001
    David J. Schiappa 2001–2013
    Laura Dove 2013–2020
    Robert Duncan 2020–present
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